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Hot Tub Insulation Covers, Cover Lifter and AccuLok Thermal Cover

Standard Thermal Spa Covers  

Easy Life Hot Tubs offers an ASTM approved safety hot tub cover with a full 3 year warranty. This folding cover has metal supports to assure Spa Hot Tub Insulating Cover strength, the 3 1/2” to 2 1/2” foam core taper assures rain run-off and thermal efficiency. The spa cover has four locking straps to keep unwanted guests out. The marine grade naugahyde is available in one color, Charcoal, to complement any cabinet finish.

Easy Life provides what is possibly the best built traditional hot tub cover, available for new and used hot tubs. We believe that this is one area you should not take second best on. Most heat escapes from the surface of the water, thereby a well-built cover will save you many dollars during the years of spa use.

Should you require a replacement hot tub cover after your initial spa purchase, place your order here. Freight costs are included and covers are shipped via common carrier or UPS Freight delivery.
Specify model name and color

Buy Hot Tub Cover Now $385

Gray Hot Tub Cover



AccuLok Hot Tub Spa Cover

Need a replacement cover that won't gain water weight?
Order to fit most every spa brand and model.

Patent Pending Breakthrough! Revolutionary technology with 400% improved
water vapor barrier keeps covers lightweight for years. Unique heat trapping design, only on AccuLok, traps escaping heat thereby reducing energy costs.

Normally $700
Easy Life Hot Tubs Special

Order Here! Reduced

Hot Tub Cover by AccuLok hot tub covers acculokAccuLok™ technology seals out water vapor, keeping your spa cover lightweight and easy to use for years. Hot tub cover resists water weight gain, AccuLok
AccuLok™ hot tub covers have been proven by independent testing to trap significant amounts of escaping heat.
Hot tub cover seals in heat

Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Hot Tub Cover Lifter This very popular hot tub accessory easily installs onto any of the Easy Life Hot Tub models and is held in place with a metal plate beneath the base of the spa. The cover folds in half over the unit, making it easier to lift the cover off the hot tub, and stows at the end of the hot tub. The cover is off the ground, staying clean and out of the way while you are relaxing in the warm swirling waters. 

Hot Tub Cover Caddy Closed
Shown Closed
Black metal.

Simple assembly, fits all Easy Life Hot Tub models
Specify model and color.

Was $270

Buy Cover Lifter Now Reduced
Hot Tub Cover Lifter Open
Shown Open

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