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OMNI ROCKS, The Ultimate in Backyard Enjoyment

Natural looking boulders provide storage, steps, and planters that fit most
every brand of new and used hot tubs.

hot tub accessories, storage, steps and plantersWatch Omni Rock Video

Realistic boulders, from Diverse Designs Limited, surround your hot tub for unparalleled beauty. Designed to compliment any backyard setting, patio, or pool area in natural tones of browns and grays. Most every hot tub cabinet finish blends with the Omni Rocks. These accessories have been designed to fit any spa model - new or used - an Easy Life model or most any other brand.

Hot tub accessories with storage in natural rock finish
Sold as a pair, or the corner storage separately, the 3-tier step provides safe entry to your hot tub, while the corner rock unit offers a surprise! Slide the top boulder open for an easy access to towels, toys, or anything else you may need while soaking. Onlyy an arms length away, hidden beneath a natural looking boulder!

The Omni Rock corner planter features a planter area spacious enough for real plantings. This option can be purchased separately from the step and storage units. You may also consider more than one Omni Planter units to wrap two sides of your spa. It has been designed to easily position around any corner.

Two-Tier EcoRock Step
(MSRP $625)

Sturdy two-tier EcoRock step unit in faux rock finish.  Sold seperately or as a combo with storage/cooler.
41" x 16 1/2" x 33"

Price includes shipping

EcoRock Steps and Storage/Cooler
(MSRP $1731)

The hinged top boulder of the EcoRock Storage/Cooler lifts to provide ample space for towels and accessories, or fill with ice and drinks.
33" x 30 1/2" x 22"

Price includes shipping
New EcoRocks Omni Rocks Hot Tub Spa Step and Cooler Storage Unit Accessory
hot tub step
hot tub accessory spa planter
Corner Planter
Rock Unit  (MSRP $1,337)

approx. 66" x 48" x 24"
Spa Hot Tub Gazebo for outdoor entertaining.

Hot tub rock accessories
Corner Storage Unit
(MSRP $3,269)

approx. 86" x 57" x 34"
Step and Corner Storage Unit
(MSRP $4,221)

approx. 98" x 86" x 34"
hot tub storage in natural boulder finish
Hot tub accessories, spa solar lighting, storage, hot tub steps.

Add to the natural beauty of the Omni Rocks with the solar step lighting for a truly environmentally friendly hot tub.
Go Green!! Let the sun power your hot tub lights!

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