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Add Ambiance and Safety to Your Hot Tub Relaxation
Warm the water and your
backyard atmosphere with the soft glow
of LED lighting.
hot tub spa lighting

Your Easy Life Hot Tub can become a focal point of your home after dark with this LED Lighting package.The soft light warms the spa atmosphere andenhances your mood.

Up to 20 pin lights surround the spa edge and waterfall with a wash of changing color. Find your favorite color to light up the night and enhance your backyard atmosphere.

hot tuub spa lighting
When you choose to enhance your Easy Life Hot Tub with the LED Lighting, you will be upgrading the standard LED Lighting to an LED rotating color system  The LED light synchronizes with the spa rim pin lights and waterfall jet, for a tranquil spa experience. Simple touch button operation with the digital 450 Series control center.

Easy Life Hot Tub LED Lighting System
Up to 20 pinlights on spa edge, water lighting, and backlit waterfall jet. Select rotating color spectrum or solid tone. Controlled at spaside.

Optional Feature added during hot tub order process.

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